Tackling recruitment bias, one candidate at a time.

There’s no silver bullet for hiring the best talent. Maximize your chances of finding world-class people and unlocking their potential to become rock star talent.

Service Features



1 People analytics software that is simple, fast and easy to use.

Build customized predictive recruitment algorithms (powered by machine learning science) which continuously improves accuracy with more accumulated candidate data.

Ascertain candidate hiring risk from looking at historical data.

A. Flag candidates earlier in the hiring funnel who “seem good on paper and in-person” but carry recruitment risk.

B. Predict candidate “on-the-job” performance and future growth potential.

What is Stability Risk (SR)?
SR score is a calculation for detecting candidate’s intrinsic cognitive and emotional traits from psychometric temperament.

What is Predictive Matching (PM)?
PM score is a measure of competency strength and ranking of which candidates have strong competency fit with organization.

Augment HR “gut feeling” and intuition with data-driven metrics.

Outputs such as candidate benchmarking, data visualizations and customized personal reports provide scientific insights into recruitment candidates.

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